About Me

The mission behind my blog is to encourage people to make a change in their lives.  Whether you want to lose a few pounds, put on some muscle, or run a faster mile, I hope that my story can be an inspiration to audiences everywhere.  However, living an active healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy delicious food!  Expect to see many foodie-loving pictures with tips on how to burn it all off.  I invite you to join my LEVEL 10 transformation!

Def: “Level 10” – a.) Accomplishing one’s ideal physique, b.)  Being at peak physical condition

Example: “I need a partner to reach my level 10 goal! Can’t wait to wear tanks to show off my toned arms.” Ann’s Official Health Dictionary Vol. 1


I was a CIF track & field athlete in high school in peak performance, so I didn’t think that weight was going to be an issue then but I was wrong once college came around… I have a history of yo-yo dieting as do the men and women in my family.  We are also predisposed to heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.  After gaining over 40lbs. in college, I tried to lose weight before my wedding.  During my 1 year engagement and exercising 3-4x a week, I lost a total of 10lbs.  I gained it all back within 2 months.  What am I doing wrong?!  Finally, I got serious about getting in shape in November 2011 by becoming a client at FV Wellness & More.  Even though I was a skeptic, I lost 7lbs. during Thanksgiving AND Christmas!  David, my esteemed husband, lost 20lbs. during that holiday time. Now we’re competing in triathlons and still losing weight.

Prior to my transformation, I was a junior high/high school history teacher.  After being let go due to the economic recession, I worked at a non-profit organization. Because of our results, I decided to work at the center part-time while working my other job. Within 3 months, I was able to replace my income working part-time at the center versus what I was making at non-profit. I still volunteer at the non-profit once a week and teach Sunday school to the kids at my church. Now I am able to help people get to their goals as a personal health coach.  I love having the free time to spend with my family, my job and the people I work with.

I personally invite you to contact me with any questions on how to get started on your journey (free consultation if you mention “msfitnessfoodie” or “fvwellness”) or how you can also earn extra income around your schedule. With that being said, let’s get going!

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